Monday, June 22, 2015

South Carolina

Monday agreements.

I agree with the statement that those who say the shooting in South Carolina was not racist are racists themselves.

I agree with those who say the shooting in South Carolina should be a call to action on guns and gun violence and mental health services.

I agree with those who say the Confederate flag flying in South Carolina is not a memorial to the Confederate soldiers who died in the civil war, but an offensive symbol supporting racial injustice and defiance sanctioned by the state government.

I have many friends who live in SC. The collective confederate mentality is not pervasive, it is however historically perverse, but it is still a stimulant to those whose deficient mentality is beyond reason.

America will never be able to stop a prejudicial mind. It can only deny the weapons of violence to those who cannot discern that the reality of life is oneness, not difference.

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