Monday, June 8, 2015

Sunday's Soft Meditation

Sunday’s are one of those nebulous and lazy times for both reflection and meditation.

I’m talking about a lazy meditation. The kind where you can let your thoughts wander from the mind-cage of your easy chair or porch lounger to wherever they go. Formal meditation is a little more structured and that works too, but this is a Sunday and formalities hide in the luxury of nothing, of no-thing.

My mind, yesterday, focused on the delicate shades of green in the myriad of tree species growing on my property. There too, it’s not really my property. I agree with the native peoples of the earth who say we cannot own pieces of nature; all we can do is hold them and care for them in a stewardship relationship until we pass and then someone else will do the same.

I think all colors have their hues and tints, but it takes concentration to see them. Green is the most common and prolific at least in the spring and summer season where I live.

My eye wandered slowly up and down the undulating clusters of the trees leafy green shawls and stopped abruptly where contrasting species collided in forest proximity. The Pine green is different than the Maple or Oak green. Needles and leaves, intermingle, growing side by side where seeds took root decades ago, what a contrast of form and grace.

If you’ve never walked in a forest, you should. It is a lesson in conservation. Nature does not over populate its space. For each acre of land there are a certain number of trees; only what the soil can sustain. I’m sure Arborists can give you the average number, if that statistic interests you.

A gentle breeze came up as I looked and thought. The green leaves fluttered and quaked, spun and wiggled, and flowed with the rhythm of the wind. It was a great day.

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