Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Internet

I marvel these days at the availability of global information. Granted, the Internet is suspect in many areas of truth and accuracy, but it is still a window on the world.

It is a technological gift to humankind providing we employ discernment in what we think we see and what other people tell us.

Several decades ago when I was in high school the only port to the distant and obscure parts of the world was National Geographic magazine. Schools had shelves of the yellow covered magazines. In leisure or in research we could pull one out and see a part of the world’s culture in color.

Today the visual Internet provides a similar experience, but with sound, action and explanations of life and lives everywhere.

Most of us are lucky enough to be part of an extraordinary advanced civilization. Now, if we just don’t mess it up with prejudice, greed, and pride. It’s not the oneness that’s the miracle of life, it is the diversity within the oneness.

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