Thursday, January 22, 2015

The State of the GOP

In so many ways, I really want to try to embrace the GOP ideas to govern this country with elegance, courtesy and fiscal responsibility, but when they continually dump on the President blaming him for everything except not putting the top back on the toothpaste I find it impossible to participate.

Mitch McConnell says Obama doesn’t set the agenda. The last time I looked I thought the executive branch of government did just that. The majority of this nation elects a  President,  not just one Senator's state or one Representative district within a state. The usurpation of executive power is unbelievable.

Republican whip Rep. Steve Scalise, who still has some serious explaining to do for giving a speech to a white supremacist organization, said President Obama’s one message was “his way or no way.” I read the entire State of the Union speech and I didn’t get that message at all.

Speaker Boehner says Obama’s proposals were “fantasy land.” I didn’t get that message either.

And then with an apparent slight to Obama, because the GOP thinks this is the way to govern, Congress invites Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before congress to apparently rebut Obama’s hopes and wishes on a nuclear treaty with Iran. That’s not a slight, that’s an insult to the Executive branch of government.

These are not citizen politicians speaking and acting as our forefathers had hoped; these are rich, arrogant, partisan, powerful (because we elected them) career politicians. There is nothing wrong about being a rich politician, but there is something wrong about being an arrogant, partisan and powerful politician and using that illusion to obstruct the common sense of compromise in American government.

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