Friday, January 16, 2015

A Gambit of Thoughts

I love the rallies for anti-terrorism all over the world.

I love the trend where Muslims are standing up to the radical factions of their belief.

I abhor the lack of truth in conversation from all sectors of our global society.

I love the action of Pope Francis to say that insulting another’s belief is wrong.

I am disappointed in the unilateral choices of President Obama for I think he has given up. Maybe not! But so it seems.

I am disturbed that Speaker Boehner is using the death threat against him as a reason to authenticate more governmental control over our lives.

I think it’s stupid that Mitt Romney is considering running for President again and again and again. Maybe he should read Adlai Stevenson’s biography.

Jeb bush? Ditto. Do we really need a Presidential dynasty in this republic?

Hillary too.

I love the human right of “freedom of expression” and still say, “Je suis Charlie.”

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