Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Poet's Fire

This is my first poem of 2015.

Poet’s Fire
©2015 Rolland G. Smith

The fire burns it's bright this night
And sheds it's light and heat.
But where is my poetic sight
To count my rhythm’s beat?

Most hearths include the heart and home
And hold all thoughts within,
But fire burns a poet's tome
So I must new begin.

I see the orange above the ash
And watch it settle down
For in the color there's panache
That brightens rhyming’s crown.

The sound must be a factor too
When snaps and crackles pop.
It takes my thought to where it's true
When meter seems to stop.

Beware my friends before a fire
When embers choose to die.
Let not your heart and mind retire
Before you say goodbye.

So this becomes an epitaph
For thoughts and embers too
They ne’re will be a poet's path

If silent times are few.

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