Friday, January 2, 2015

I'm Hoping

I missed a “Happy New year” pronouncement yesterday, but let this 2nd day of 2015 be my proclamation for the entire year.

Now! Where I go for 2015 and where you may go for 2015 may be different, but the goal is probably shared.

I am hoping for an agreement between the United States and Iran on the nuclear question.
I am hoping that the Ebola crisis in Africa can be stemmed and the sadness of contagious death ends for the continent and for the world.

I am hoping that Russian President Putin will see that influence in the world comes from a different modality other than contention. I am hoping the United States sees the same path to global peace.

I am hoping the oil price of crude stabilizes and eliminates the fluctuation of oil that disrupts the planetary life of peaceful mercantile citizens.

I am hoping that the little minds of humankind will finally see that less is more and there is enough without the need for attack, conquest and control.

I am hoping that love is the guiding principle for all of us, not only this year, but for all of eternity.

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