Thursday, January 15, 2015


I happened to spend some freezing, walking, cold time in New York City yesterday and I’m still trying to remember all of the men's chapeau’s I observed while walking several blocks to a subway station.

There was the Russian Ushanka, a Tam, a Stetson, ergodyne, knitted Beanies, and a Chook and Toque. I saw ski hats, Cossaks, Bomber hats, plain caps, scarfs, Stocking caps, South American Chullos, Astrakhan caps, and the Newsboy or flat cap.

I did not see any Fedoras, Homburgs or Bowlers.

Me? I didn’t wear a hat. I had my L.L. Bean coat and a hood to keep my neck and head warm.

Stay warm my friends.

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