Friday, February 24, 2012

Syria's Carnage

How many deaths must the world not know about before the reasonable authorities of the world condemn China and Russia for letting the Syrian regime kill, murder, maim and wound their citizens under the guise of civil control?

China and Russia vetoed any help the United Nations might offer the people of Syria. China and Russia are guilty of similar atrocities and therefore cannot condemn the same actions they embrace themselves.
The civilized world, while condemning these two countries did acquiesce to their ill-advised judgment because of the rules of veto at the UN. The Security Council veto rules are no longer valid in the world today and the United Nations needs to change them.

We, all of us, in civilized society should be ashamed that we continue with our daily lives while non-combatant civilians, families, and especially children are bombed and shelled in order to keep Bashar al-Assad in power.

He will eventually be deposed, but at what life cost?

The world is a global conglomerate of separate sovereign cultures, but deep inside we are also ONE in the spiritual acknowledgement of individual being.

There is something, some little thing inside each of us that says Syria is wrong, their actions must stop and those responsible must be accountable for their inhumane and insane orders.

Diplomacy never works when death and dying is the result.

If you truly want to stop the carnage in Syria use your power of thought and see the change.

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