Thursday, February 9, 2012

Politicians Get A Life

Republicans See Politics in Chrysler Super Bowl Ad
Published: February 6, 2012

The most talked-about advertisement of the Super Bowl did not have a barely clothed supermodel, a cute puppy or a smart-aleck baby. It was a cinematic, two-minute spot featuring Clint Eastwood, an icon of American brawn, likening Chrysler’s comeback to the country’s own economic revival.

And within 12 hours of airing, it became one of the loudest flashpoints yet in the early re-election campaign ofPresident Obama, providing a reminder, as if one were needed, that in today’s polarized political climate even a tradition as routine as a football championship can be thrust into a partisan light.

I’ve been a republican in the past, I may be one now. I have been a Democrat in the past and I may be one now. I have been an independent in the past and I may be one now. I am a disappointed citizen now and I will remain one until politicians stop bickering and become aware that compromise is the only solution to partisen passions.

Pundants like Rush (what's his name) need to lighten-up. He thinks Clint Eastwood was dupped and the ad was an endosement of President Obama. So did Karl Rove, a Bush advisor. Rove said he was offended. Good Grief! Get a life Karl.

In this case…I did not see politics in the Chrysler Ad. Granted I am not an expert. I am an average citizen who is concerned about prejudice opinion and partisen rhetoric.

This whole political  and pundant partisanship has got to stop. Republicans get a life. Democrats you too. Pundants do your research. All of you are blinded by your passions and harming the country. STOP IT!

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