Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Catholic Delima

I’ve got a problem with the Catholic Church. I was brought up Catholic.

I practiced faithfully for many years, but then I changed as life experience, reason, and rule irrationality mixed with my intellect and cognitive common sense.

I no longer practice the liturgy of my birth, but I embrace a Catholic spirituality in my heart and it includes much of what I was taught in the honing of my faith.

My practice now, however, does not include the centuries old dogma of men nor does it adhere to the dictates of rules that are no longer valid.

Liturgical Rome is not my conscience. My sacred spirit is the only arbitrator of what is right for me.

Having said that you now know where I stand.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops at first thought it might be OK for the revised birth control policy offered by President Obama to be accepted. Then they decided it was unacceptable.

They are acting like flip flopping political candidates.

By the way, Viagra is OK and is acceptable within the church, but birth control for women is not.

Some things do not compute.

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