Monday, February 13, 2012

Contraceptives and Controversy

The uproar and passionate controversy over the Obama administration's healthcare requirement for all employers to provide birth control to their employees including those institutions owned and operated by the Catholic Church was a needless confrontation.

Somebody didn't think it through. Much of the contentious and political banter could have been avoided.

The compromise solution offered by President Obama on Friday may not be enough for some although a number of former, non-clergy critics of the original requirement, have signed off on the compromise.

Conservatives and big government haters will use the faux pas as political fodder all the way to November. It is another selected issue that takes talk time away from more important considerations like the economy and jobs and reducing debt.

Perhaps all government proposals ought to follow the rules of the Iroquois Nation. Many of our founding fathers thought they were on the right track and studied their governing process.

Only women could declare war.
Only women could elect a chief
Only women could depose a chief.

And for every important decision the elders would meet in council to discuss the ramifications and consequence of any decision they might make seven generations ahead.

Can you imagine how that would boggle Washington?

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