Thursday, February 16, 2012


History is filled with examples of people, companies, and even nations taking advantage of misfortune and tragedy.

Another example was added to the list over last weekend with the death of music diva Whitney Houston.

Apparently within 30-minutes of the public announcement of Houston’s death Sony Music raised the prices on her Ulltimate Collection album. The price rose by more than 60-percent in the U.K.

Whoever authorized the price increase is probably looking for a new job for shortly after the greedy move the price went back down.

Some fans originally blamed Apple for the price hike on itunes, but Apple automatically raised the price when Sony Music upped the wholesale price of the album.

For Apple it may have been a computer generated hike, but even so it gives the appearance of greed and insensitivity.

I wonder if ever, in our mercantile world, will we ever be satisfied with just a reasonable profit.

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