Monday, February 27, 2012

A Dam Shame!

It is unfortunate, but modern civilization is predatory and it is the indigenous populations of the world that   suffer the most.

This is a picture of Megaron Tuxucumarrae, the chief of the Kayapo tribe in Brazil. He has just received the news that the new president of Brazil has given approval to build a giant hydroelectric plant. It will be the world’s third largest dam.

When complete the structure will flood the Xingu River in Brazil’s northern Amazonian region and displace over 20-thousand indigenous Indians and effect 40-thousand people.

Progress without compassion and discernment is wrong. Progress that displaces life and lives is wrong. Progress that seeks only a return on investment without consideration of the emotional and historic rights of indigenous people is wrong.

It is time we live within the means of what is right and not within the hopes for profit, power and ascendance into the future.  No progress should ignore the hearts of the people. 

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