Monday, January 2, 2012


If you look for it you will find profound truths in a lot of places.
Gary Shapiro is President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. He’s written a piece entitled, “Has Politics Trumped Truth?” for Forbes.

He makes solid and perfect points.

To wit:

“America used to be good a facts – real good. Baseball, replete with hard statistics, was our favorite sport, and we used its hard data to argue who was the best at it. Our reliance on facts also attracted the world’s best scientists, engineers, doctors and researchers. We studied and reported and arrived at mutually agreed on facts. And we knew that when our government made statements and our trusted network news anchors reported them, you could take these facts to the bank.

But we changed. Facts and data have become less relevant, especially in Washington. Americans now choose their news more on the opinions of the news providers than on the fact gathering skills and objectivity of the reporters. We no longer want to be challenged by facts; we want to be reassured in our biases.”

BRAVO! Mr. Shapiro

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