Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ex Post Facto?

I started out writing this post with the thought of peace and tranquility on my mind. Then listening to the radio I heard the fact that the Senate cleared the way for a vote on an insider-trading ban for the members and the staffs of congress.

“Cleared the way” I’ve got news for Congress and the rest of the takers in government. There is already a law against insider trading. Apparently there are some loopholes that congressional members and staff that had special knowledge because of legislation upon which they were working could circumvent the law and make a few insider bucks.

No wonder congress has an abysmal approval rating.

I keep wondering if we the electorate are lazy or ignorant? I think it’s both. We have, for far too long, let congress operate without the over-site of the people. The elected members of congress and much of their staff see themselves as special and in many cases above the laws and the rules and regulations that the rest of us must follow.

Each one of us, by ourselves, can do nothing but stand up for what is right and shout into the density of darkness, but collectively we are powerful and we can change the corruption of the system. It begins with changing our congressmen and women and letting all representatives know we expect them to serve for the greater good of us and not create a career for themselves.

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