Friday, January 6, 2012


There is something very wrong with our governmental systems if the headlines continue like I’ve been reading recently. Actually there is something wrong with our system whether or not I look at any headlines.
Anyway here are the headlines in question.

“Prosecutors say LA arson suspect raged at Americans.”

Where is the individual morality with which we are all born that dictates a balance between choice and responsibility? This young man was angry at the judicial system that might deport his Mother because she didn’t pay a bill for breast enhancement in Germany.

In his rage he causes millions of dollars in damages against innocent souls. He’s a German citizen. Why waste our tax dollars on him. Deport him to Germany along with his mother.

 “Obama Picks Nominee Fight”.

President Obama had to appoint an agency head when Congress was in recession because Congress won’t act on his appointments when they are in session. This is not the country or government that I remember when I was a kid. What a way to run a country. I still go back to the Buffett suggestion. (See the December 29th post.)

“Bachman Quits, But Perry Stay in”.

Jeeese! She should have quit a long time ago and so should have Perry. Why is it the male species takes longer to assuage their individual egos and come to reason than it does for the female? I think I know the answer, but please don’t remind me.

I think we ought to give everyone a child timeout to think about their choices and actions and embrace the appropriate shame. We are all tired of the bickering, the contention, the partisan hatred and the untruths of campaign rhetoric.

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