Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Touch Of Nature

On New Years Day…looking out from my home’s high set of five stories above a meadow and a small pond an immateur eagle was perched on a strong branch. It was probably around two years old.

He or she had not yet attained the full white-feathered breast or head and a yellow beak. I would say the bird was about two feet tall, maybe more, with a wide girth and strong talons.

It lingered on its chosen perch for more than an hour and I was able to focus very strong tri-pod binoculars on his or her majesty. I could see the blinking of the eyes and the strong swiveling head gaze for pray in the meadow.

The eagle was sitting high in a tree branch in my meadow, but it was eye level for me and my binoculars because of the height of my home on a ridge.

I live not too far, by flight, from the Hudson River in New York State.

The Hudson estuary is known for having several families of Bald Eagles nesting along its banks. Perhaps this young one is from that area. 

I also live just seconds from another river that feeds the Hudson River farther North. I have seen highflying Eagles there once in awhile and maybe this one is from that clan.

It was a wonderful experience of nature for me for the time the bird decided to stay. I stayed with the binoculars for the duration.

Shakespeare was right. “One touch of nature makes the whole worlds kin.”

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