Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Voyeurism and The Constitution

The Anthony Weiner self destruct brought this story to mind.

A few years ago, in Salem, Oregon, there was a late night cable access television program where the host could be seen dancing nude and even defecating on camera. His actions, however offensive, were protected under the constitutional guarantees of the expressions of art and protected from censorship.

Within each of us is an vast potential for individualized creative expression. We all have a choice of how we manifest our expressions, our art.

Under the umbrella of art comes a plethora of expressions: paintings, from oils to illustrations, music, both composition and performance, literature, with its story and poetry, film and theater with its drama and comedy and form, from sculpture to carvings, but the most important expression of all is appreciation of things beautiful.

Perhaps there ought to be a litany of requirements before anyone may use the public airwaves to express prurient, voyeuristic and lewd creations as art, they must first demonstrate a knowledge and appreciation of the other arts that express the beauty and grace of humankind.

Weiner is a different issue, although voyeuristic and lewd is part of his Modus Operandi.

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