Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School Days

The kids are home from school early these days on my street.

It seems they go half-days for three or four days at the end of the school year in order to get state funding and complete the number of school days required by each state.

Most states are in a financial crisis and need to save money anywhere they can. Why not truncate the mandatory number of days that schools must be in session. They probably wouldn’t save much money, but maybe a few million or more considering all the school districts in my state.

The kids really don’t learn much on the half days. The learning for the school year is done. Most of the tests are finished and this is just a put in your time so each school district meets the state’s requirements for the number of days in session.

That’s another one. Who in the state legislature decided that X-number of days would be the optimum for attendance?

The whole thing is ridiculous. When the children finish the core curriculum for each year why not let them go home?

The schools are basically staying open to be tax payer “sitters” anyway.

Reform is on for all of the states and on the federal agenda. Why not start here?

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