Friday, June 3, 2011

Distortion Again!

Once again the Obama haters use an untruth to promote their political position.

The sign's caption purports it to be from an Atlanta neighborhood on Memorial Day.

The sign is a fake!

Look closely at the long shadows of the tree and the piece of building block on the ground to the right. The shadows lean to the angled left. The sun is obviously shinning brightly, but there is no sunshine on the alleged sign and no hint of a shadow cast from the sign.

It is an obvious photo shop insert.

The font on the sign is a well known computer type face.

There is another element of this email distortion. To suggest that anyone exercising their free choice franchise to prove they are not a racist is ludicrous and to intimate that anyone who voted for Obama is an idiot underscores the blatant prejudice of those who perpetuate and distribute this crap.

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