Friday, June 17, 2011


I am old enough to remember a time when the career choices, that women were encourage to follow, were teaching, secretarial, nursing and housewife. All honorable professions.

Fortunately for humanity an attitudinal shift precipitated a social change and today the careers for women are as expansive as they are for men; there is not total equality as yet, but we are moving to it.  Society can only reach its full potential when it encourages the unlimited expression of creativity from both men and women and provides an opportunity for each to be that creativity.

When you have a high pressure, high public exposure job situation in which a man and women work closely together you are bound to have conflict, all relationships have some conflict in them, even personal ones.

The only antidote to either personal or professional conflict is courtesy.  Until all teams of the future bring respect from their hearts for the other’s individual success no pairing will be successful as a partnership.

Take note: TV news anchors.

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