Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Observation


I’m behind a woman in the grocery store. She watches all of her items get scanned and the total rings up on the cash register. Then she opens her purse, takes out her wallet and fumbles for her store discount card and then her credit card. She swipes her card and pushes the appropriate buttons and the printed receipt is presented for her signature.

THEN…she helps pack her items in her personal bags, which she just unrolled for the checker. In my store if you bring you own grocery bags you save five cents a bag. I don’t begrudge her…her 25-cent savings, but…


Why not have your store card out, your credit card ready and pack while all the electronics are taking place.

I was thinking it, but the woman behind me said it, “Good Grief, some people are never aware.
”Note: Young guys have everything ready or they pay cash. Old men linger and talk and are just as slow as if they had a purse. There must be something for me to learn in all this…I just have not figured it out as yet.

I was waiting for a lunch order the other day; one that I put in forty minutes earlier. The entire specialized deli was seemingly disorganized. I ordered lunch for four people before anyone else was at the counter. It was not ready forty minutes later. Why?  Organization. I won’t go back right away.

I know that we live in a fast food and fast paced society and sometime’s I detest that modality, but if a business wants to survive in a fast paced social culinary structure it needs to be focused and organized.

The other part of it is courtesy. Be aware of what you’re doing and the time it takes especially if you are in line for some transaction. Everyone these days needs to get somewhere and being part of the needed pace is just as important as taking time to “smell the roses.”

OK, OK, it’s a rant.

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