Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot Here! 95 plus yesterday and today.

I thought I’d try something today to get a little relief from the heat in the northeast. I wrote a paragraph in the freeze of  winter a few years ago to describe the cold. I looked it up and re-read it to see if I could feel a little cooler.

Here it is from wintertime.

“This day is a draining, shivering cold. There is a frigid thunk to the wind chimes on the porch, not the usual resonate ring of atoms in easy motion. The chime sound is tight, quick and solid as if it is too hard and too stiff for even the ring to move beyond its source. Everything has stillness about it except the wind and it too shivers as it seeks the elusive warmth of icy friction”.

I read it twice and it didn’t help.

Stay cool.

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