Friday, May 6, 2011

The Power of Thought

Note to Congress:

Please take note of a Reuters report from Pakistan.

1. A senior Pakistani official says the U.S. troops killed Bin Laden in cold blood.
2. A Pakistani army statement threatened to halt cooperation (with the U.S.) if we repeated a violation of sovereignty.

Note to Pakistan:

Go ahead! There are many in the U.S. who find your integrity suspect, who think you have been duplicitous in your efforts to find Bin Laden, who think you are pandering to both sides for your own agenda, and who think the billion dollars and more we send to you each year is a waste of our tax payer dollars and it should cease.

Note to self and all:

There are many consequences that none of us know about or possibly even understand that effect the security of the United States by not buying off Pakistan each year or by cutting and running from Pakistani involvement.

If the current Pakistani government fails and radical contingents gain power…we need to remember that Pakistan is a nuclear power.

It’s complicated. So what’s an alternative?

If we choose to stay the same, we stay the same. If we choose a higher path of understanding and a willingness to be intuitive, then solutions will be presented to the little minds of humankind that will take us to a spiritual level where global ideologies will be comforted by diversity, but not confrontation.

It’s a thought!

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