Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Bin Laden is dead! How we choose to react to the news of his death is what is interesting in our evolution as a society and in our personal attainment and awareness of spiritual oneness.

Osama Bin Laden was filled with hate and he spread his brand of funded terrorism to many and any throughout the world. He killed Muslims and Christians alike. It didn't matter as long as his personal vendetta was assuaged with the blood and carnage of the causes, culture and people he hated.

I don't regret or mourn his death. I pity his life's choices. He was born into privilege as one of many siblings of a prominent Saudi Arabian family. And like all despots and inhumane rogues of history something triggered a dispassionate detachment from the innate God-goodness that is within each created soul who incarnates into this earthly environment.

To me that is sadness for if one of us succeeds via good works then in some small way all of us succeed. The corollary is also true. If one of us chooses hate, prejudice, and the infliction of terror on humanity as a life choice then again in some small way all of us are diminished in our collective advancement toward the Oneness of All That Is.

While I welcome his death for what his life perpetrated on so many, I must also acknowledge that all judgment belongs to a Higher Authority whose infinite understanding and omniscience of our human failings far exceeds anything we can conceive.

There is another issue in all of this that is troubling. Pakistan. Despite it's public pronouncements that it is fighting terrorism, its actions belie that statement. Some official factions in Pakistan have aided and abetted Bin Laden and Al Qaeda for years. Few in the world believe Bin Laden could live in comfort with his family merely 40 miles from the Pakistani capitol and not have some collusion with the government.

We, the USA, give them billions of aid dollars each year for any number of reasons and it is time we stopped and demanded accountability.


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