Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photos of a Dead Man

The selective clamor now from some individuals and from some in Congressional authority is to publically see the photos of a dead Osama Bin Laden.

I can understand it from Al Qaeda sympathizers for they have lost a demonic leader and would love the pictures to incite and condemn and build a martyred cause to attack anything American.

I cannot understand it from some American citizens, politicians and the public pulpit opinionates whose very breath into the partisan microphones they control drip with distrust of anything the Obama administration says or does.

I would guess there are probably a hundred people or more in the American military, including the members of Seal Team Six and their command and control personal who have seen the dead body and body wounds of Bin Laden.

There are many notable and distinguished Americas serving in posts and positions in the Obama Administration that were there in the situation room or at the CIA headquarters to watch the operation in Pakistan.

Do you think that any of those people, including members of Seal Team Six, would lie just to say we got Bin Laden?   Good sense and logic tells you no they would not. Personal integrity is important to all of these people and we have no reason to question it.

Those who want to see the pictures of a dead man are voyeurs with a penchant for ghoulish photographs. Grow up!

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