Monday, May 9, 2011

Overweight, Fat, Obese

So there I was sitting in a Coldwater Creek store encouraging my wife to choose some gifts for Mother’s Day.

Most of these women’s stores have a couple of easy chairs in which men can sit so that they can do their thing while their wives or loved one’s shop. Some guys read, some play with their I phone’s or Blackberry’s and some snooze. I just sat and I watched!

I was comfortable where I was. I’m old enough to not be embarrassed anymore or need to immerse myself in an innocuous activity or a fingernail check when I am in a feminine environment foreign to my every day experience.

Lingerie departments in big chain stores or in specialty stores like Victoria Secret stores are just a couple of places where I once would wait at a safe place outside the store or department.

I am sitting in this store and just observing the young women who are picking, pawing, and holding up various garments to their upper or lower bodies to see if it’s a go or if it’s a put back on the rack.

I have always been a man who appreciates the female form especially the derriere of the species. Some men are legmen and some men are breast men and I am the other location of appreciation on the female body.

What I saw in my sitting observations was not pleasant. Plump to large to very large to huge Gluteus Maximus muscles stuffed into overly tight jeans that did not nicely accessorize the young female form. It’s OK to be a big person, but not to amortize it in tight pants; it seems that defeats the purpose of slimming accessoriziation.

This is true for guys too; do we not see our bulges, our undulating rolls of excess fat, and the disproportion of middle to the top and to the legs?

The basic fact is that too many young Americans, male and female, are fat. Too fat! If we want to be healthy, svelte, trim and all the other adjectives of slim, we need to exercise and eat better.

A friend of mine recently sent me a cartoon depiction of Michelangelo’s David. The caption was “David” after two months on an American fast food diet.

I am not condemning fat people. I am suggesting there is an alternative life style that may help eliminate the condition.

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