Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Me and Rip Van Winkle

Darn....I must have been asleep and didn't know it.

When did we elect House Speaker John Boehner President of the United States? The way he's acting you'd think he has all Americans behind him.

Question:  When any kind of talks begin in order to solve a pressing problem how can anyone begin a dialogue when sides demand a conversational criteria?

Observations:  President Obama made a good speech at the Mexican border about immigration. Did anyone listen?  It's a problem and walls are not going to solve it.

I thought Donald Trump had a big ego until I read why Newt Gingrich believes he is the only GOP candidate with in-depth US foreign policy experience.

BTW Mr. Trump is thrumping his potential presidential candidate's platform as an opponent of big government. How do you think he got his empire where it is today? Tax breaks and federal funding come to mind.

What's some of the other good news this Wedneday morning?  Let's see...

The Postal Service reports billions in losses. Be helpful. Send a letter.

Oil prices rise because of the Mississippi floods. And I thought the oil companies were sleeping with me and Rip. They found a new assinine reason to raise prices. Want to do your part to balance the budget? Support those who want to fairly tax the oil companies and other biggies too.

I'm beginning to think we don't have a government "for the people and by the people." We have a government of mega companies for mega companies.

In tomorrow's post I'll try to get back on a more spiritual understanding of all the negative stuff out there.


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