Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Memorial Day for Americans is a holiday that traditionally announces the beginning of summer, even though it is not yet seasonally summer. The season’s beginnings and endings never do coincide with mankind’s needs for work breaks and passing pleasures.

By observation Memorial Day Weekend is a traditional holiday of yard sales, barbecues, family gatherings, beach going, memorial tributes to the fallen and to standing veterans, flag waving, traffic accidents, busy emergency rooms, long lines at the ice cream parlors, and planting flowers and vegetables.

What happens next is summer. Vacations start, graduations conclude and school ends, camp begins for some as do lazy hazy days and summer jobs, if you can find one in this economy.

Endings always have an expectation of something beginning. All endings do. It is both the power of our envisioning and our powers of manifestation that takes us to something next. I believe that each of us has a singular power that we often ignore or forget we have. It is the power of thought. We do so many of these little imaginations every moment that we toss away as idle constructions and considerations, but each of them has possibility if we give it energy.

I would submit that all the great ideas in history began with a thought. It is a logical theatrical “Spock” kind of conclusion if not overly simplistic and sophomoric.

Suppose you have a thought of world peace, a clean environment, the cure for cancer and all the other insidious diseases that both conflict and inflict our current world. Maybe too you are thinking of eliminating poverty, hunger, greed, prejudice, and cruelty everywhere on the planet.

Most of us however are thinking about earning a living, finishing something, paying the bills, fixing the car, mowing the lawn or going fishing or golfing, watching the game, driving the kids somewhere, planning a vacation or party time with our friends.

Those are great, wonderful, everyday duties and desires, hopes and wishes, but they are not the noble thoughts of service. Service is instantaneous response to need and our planet has profound needs that require our collective thought.

I have a truth I will share with you. If only a very few of us collectively think about the noble things at the same time it can happen because of the power of thought. The power of manifestation is inherent in the divinity of our being; then the little stuff of life will happen perfectly and automatically.

There is only one simple problem. We have forgotten we have the power.

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