Friday, May 22, 2009


One of my very conservative friends was commenting, more like mumbling, the other day that Republicans lost the election and will have to live with Obama. Once again he didn’t like something Mr. Obama said or did and was vocally lamenting his election nearly seven months later.

In my thinking Republicans didn’t lose. Democrats didn’t win. We won! We the people, we citizens, who by majority rule and representative government, comprise the policy and philosophy of this maturing republic won.

The Democrats, personified under the leadership of President Obama were selected to administer the governmental operation of this country for four years, but the only winner is us.

Once again we became the evidence of our beliefs and by peaceful public example demonstrated to the world and to ourselves that democracy is still a valid and effective process.

We live in a pragmatic world, often fearful, sometimes cruel and we the people are not perfect, but collectively we strive to live up to the founding ideals of democracy. We shout, we argue, we debate, we accuse and when the votes are counted we accept, we forgive, we get together and we live in diverse harmony until we do it again. That’s greatness, that’s America.

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Topher08 said...

Amen. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

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