Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Some thoughts tonight on this Memorial Day Weekend.

To date the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken over 4-thousand 962 American lives as of May 23rd.

This must be an emotionally raw and sad Memorial Day for the new families who have lost loved ones in battle.

The red of our flag is a little redder this year for so many new young lives have crossed the threshold in service to country and humanity.

The Blue of our flag is little bluer this year for each death in combat spreads a painful ache across the communities of America as family and friends mourn the dead with the haunting call of taps and the silent flow of tears.

The White of our flag is a little brighter this year for these deaths were not in pursuit of tribute or territory, but anchored in the purity of securing our freedom from terrorism.

And on this weekend of honor and remembrance, we symbolically add over 4,962 new stars to the millions of others who have gone before in older wars and ancient battles for freedom. The great sacrifice of life and limb will eternally rest with honor among the fifty visible stars on our flag as it waves proudly and solemnly to acknowledge America’s warriors past and present.

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