Thursday, May 28, 2009


I saw something last week that was both understandable and disturbing at the same time.

Names are not important here, for each of us must deal with our pain in the way of our own choosing without judgment from others, but a consideration of a destructive force may be helpful to ease a seemingly lasting and wrenching pain.

In a courtroom, an individual vented anger and invective at someone he believed committed a terrible crime. A difficulty arises when justifiable anger steps across the threshold of righteous indignation and moves into the dark labyrinth and curse of lasting hate.

Hate is a dangerous and self destructive emotion. When directed at another it has just the opposite effect. It does nothing to the intended recipient, but it destroys the hater from the level of the spirit, for it is consumptive in nature.

The great teachings caution us about the power of hate. It binds, and attracts, to the hater what is directed at another. It is as strong in it's ability to hold pain as the power of love is in releasing it.

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