Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supreme Court

I have a suggestion for Mr. Obama in his selection of a person to replace Justice Souter on the Supreme Court.

Right now they are all lawyers on the court. True, you have to have some knowledge of the court and the system and that's something one can learn. Justice does not always fit what we think is the clarity of the law. Sometimes justice requires nothing more than common sense, and common courtesy and the experience of ethical living and the awe of life.

It is surprising to know that our founding fathers did not require a law degree or admission to the bar in order to be a Supreme Court Justice. Therefore I suggest President Obama nominate and Congress approve an artist, a poet, a composer, someone who embraces the arts with as much passion and practice as lawyers embrace the law.

We need someone whose life has emphasized and exemplified grace and artistic appreciation. Someone who sees dignity and refinement as the natural condition of the human spirit and is willing to seek and see it in others and then be it personally in the public arena.

I am not suggesting that the current justices do not acknowledge personal refinement or practice ethical living or have a cultured demeanor. I would expect nothing less from them.

I do think it is time for a perspective balance on the court other than a litany of conservative leanings or a plethora of liberal opinions.

It is time for a heart centrist on the court.

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Topher08 said...

I am so glad you wrote this. I don't know about New York, but once upon a time in North Carolina, one did not have to hold a Doctor of Jurisprudence in order to be a Judge or Justice.
It is my opinion that, due to the result of having to have the coveted J.D. to rule in a court of law, our courtrooms have lost guiding “common sense” principals, as well as the benefit of a potpourri of Judges and Justices that have well-rounded viewpoints, resulting from various backgrounds.
I do hope that the President listens to you and selects a Supreme Court Justice that is in possession of common sense, common courtesy and decency, as well as a strong code of ethics.

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