Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reflections on Simplicity

Every so often I reflect on the many stories I’ve covered and written through the years to see if there is some salvageable lesson that might be valid in my understanding of life today.

My reflections bring up a few memorable experiences and a couple of platitudes that elicit a smile, and even a few remembered inspirations for these troubled times.

The unfortunate realization is that there were troubled times then and there are troubled times now, and I suspect there will always be troubled times in the future for that is how we learn and grow spiritually.

Right NOW there are two major wars going on with superpower involvement or acknowledgement, and there are a number of devastating genocidal conflicts that count deaths and starvation in the hundreds of thousands and there are numerous threats of nuclear escalation coming from the threatening arrogance of nations striving for power.

We’ve got rampant economic greed in the markets and businesses of the world and individual fears of not getting what we want or getting what we don’t want.

We’ve got religious hatred of another’s method of belief to the same one and only God. It boggles the mind at the inhumanity and insensitivity of radical dogma.

Like most of us, I look at the news of the world. I read the Internet blogs and the magazine articles for reportorial depth and understanding and then I remember what is really important in life, all of life.


Without it we are blind wanderers through our complex and convoluted choices. Simplicity is the benevolent awareness of inner spiritual knowing of what is right and it is also the Rosetta stone of intellectual understanding if we extrapolate it away from the constricting dogma of belief.

The simplicity of unconditional love is inevitable, only the time it takes us to accomplish it is optional.

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