Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A number of years ago Raritan, New Jersey passed a law where it was illegal to utter profanity in public or to be rude to your neighbor and even to insult people. I don't know if the law is still on the books, but I suppose it was more of a social statement than something a municipality could enforce.

Today in the communities across America the elderly, the young, the weak, the poor, the ordinary and the different are often held hostage by the misdirected actions of a few who confused rudeness with strength, insults with wit and profanity with intellect.

Courtesy is an immutable law of the heart for it acknowledges that you and the other are one and rudeness to one is rudeness to all especially to oneself.

Courtesy is not something we can legislate. It is something we need to demonstrate to our children by example.

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Anonymous said...

Courtesy is a lost grace. The Courtesy Patrol needs to conduct seminars across this great country in local towns, cities, and states. In general, the youth is not taught courtesy from their parents and teachers, and it is evident in the lack of courtesy toward the poor, the elderly and even, one another.

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