Friday, March 24, 2017

Old Body - Young Spirit

I looked at one of my hands the other day. It was old. Protruding veins puffed like a fissure in a seismic fault. The skin was wrinkled in horizontal lines like the ripples in a wind blown dune.

Then I looked within and behold there was eternal youth. There was my spiritual being within my corporal body, and it was young. My aging body was just a vessel to hold what I am in material density and in the illusion of time.

Few young in the world understand the awareness of spiritual being. The young are still intoxicated with experimenting and experiencing life and playing with choice. Two glorious dichotomous gifts. Free floating youth and aging awareness.

Within the mind of all wrinkled, graying, aging bodies are visions of unfulfilled manifestations; discarded choices of what each hoped to be, but just below the surface of unfinished dreams are the currents of change and the desire to find and be the Truth.

When I look within, I find a clear passage to my soul and the smooth highway of understanding the being I am.

In some global societies, particularly in western cultures, we hide the grace of age and experience of living. Human power is in the awareness of our interconnection. Whether old, young, or in-between we are all ONE with the unconditional love of All That Is. In spirit, we are all valued the same. The task for each of us is to carry that equal value into mortal life.

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