Friday, March 3, 2017

Ann Gormley Smith

It’s a rhetorical question, but can you wish those who’ve passed a happy birthday?

My Annie passed a year and a half ago and today would have been her
78th birthday. I miss her, and I’m OK with life as it goes these days. Beginnings and endings are constant in mortal life, and we learn to live with what is.

But in tribute to Ann:

On this day many years ago a spirit entered into form and began a mortal life with the name of Ann Gormley.

Some twenty plus years later I was fortunate to meet, fall in love and marry this kind and gentle soul. I thank the energy of love that brought us together and manifested itself through our children and shared experiences.

It is not always easy to live with me. I know I’ve endured me for decades. Ann did so too with patience, humor, respect and tolerance; there might have been a few expletives tossed in here and there during our 52 years of marriage, but me being of flawless character and mind I choose to ignore those imaginary moments. :-)

I honor her memory today with this birthday post.

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