Friday, March 31, 2017

I Knew Him Not

I Knew Him Not, Yet I did – A Sonnet
© 2017 Rolland G. Smith

He died today. Not well, did I know him.
But, yet I did, for all are connected.
Twas early morn’ he passed; a man named Jim.
His body ill; his spirit ejected,
And released with thanks. The eternal soul
Then rushed to light another place and space.
Death’s leaving is what hurts and takes its toll
On friends and family. They sadly retrace
his gifted life of simple wants and needs
By stories told with smiles and a tear.
I know a truth, that’s proved, that life proceeds
And no way do we ever disappear.
But more profound, as all say heart’s goodbye’s,
Is the truth that only the body dies.

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