Monday, March 6, 2017

Embers of the Heart

Embers of the Soul
©2017 Rolland G Smith

I sit and watch the embers wane
Within the place of fire.
It's peace and calm removes all pain
If that was my desire.

Most souls, like me, must take the risk
Disrobing in the flame.
There will not be a nemesis
To pass off cause and blame.

I watch the loss; the logs demise
As chewing flame destroys,
And that is when I must surmise
That spirit's love deploys.

A fire in its place in time
Becomes a gift from Source.
Its heat the breath of Sol’s sunshine.
My soul says, but of course.

So as I watch the fire die
And all my thoughts therein.
I know that I must always try
To let loves light begin.

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