Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Twin Grand-Daughters 21st birthday

Today is a milestone in my family life.

My twin grand-daughters turn twenty-one and officially become responsible adults when visiting bars and restaurants. It’s not that they were not before this birthday number, it’s that now they are official.

I remember when my son called to say that they had been born and how excited I was for this new of life and a continuation of a family tree. The tree didn’t matter much, but the evolving lives of these two souls did matter. I have watched them mature over the years from infants to toddlers, to pre-teens and then teens. Always I marveled at their developing personalities and expanding intellects.

Happy birthday M and A. May all of your wishes and hopes be enough for the grace of your Holy spirits to be filled with love and personal creations of mind and body.

I love you!

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