Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Media

So the media is the enemy of the American people! Let’s clear up just what and who is the media.

Most people think of "media" as radio, television, and print.
It is that and much more.  It is billboards and flashing signs. It’s the Internet and blogging, twitter and emails. It is video recorders, copy machines, faxes, photographs, newspapers, magazines, letters, and telexes.

The media is cell phones.  It is music, movies, dance, poetry, and art.  It is shared dreams, signal drums and graffiti, books and even T-shirts.  Just look at the variety of messages put on T-shirts today.   Media is any form of communication. That’s one big enemy.

Michael Real, in his book Super Media, suggests the term "media,” "refers to the technological extensions of the human sensory apparatus. The bowed heads of teenagers and adults today constantly working their cellphones amplifies the definition.

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