Tuesday, February 14, 2017

McGee, my spiritual advisor

I’ve mentioned in these posts before that McGee, my Shih-Tzu and Yorkie mix canine companion is my spiritual advisor.

I’ve had an inquiry as to how a dog can be a spiritual advisor.

In our daily lives, we look for examples of unconditional love, of non-judgmental observations of our actions, of counsel on how to do it better. McGee, a nine-year-old ten-pound bundle offers me, unconditional love. She never judges my choices, and her loving eyes always suggest that if I’d thought it out, there might have been another and better way for me to react.

It seems to me that if I had been talking to a deeply spiritual being, one with intellectual consciousness and unconditional loving then I would get the same feeling that I do with McGee only with the verbal counsel that love is the only thing we are and that there is no judgement in that other place, only responsibility for our actions and thoughts.

To me, it is no wonder that dogs and cats and other domestic pets are placed in the category called “animal.”

The Latin root for animal is anima. It means “breath” or “Spirit.” The adjective that comes from anima is “animalis, ” and it means “having breath or soul.”

That works for me in having McGee, as my spiritual advisor.

Here she is as recently painted by my artist friend Ed Berkise.

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