Friday, February 10, 2017

Storm's Thoughts

Storm's Thoughts
©2017 Rolland G. Smith

Tucked within a soft blanket of white.
A hearth within holds my heart in place.
Distant music keeps the chill from sight
And makes the storm seem commonplace.

Each flake of snow unique, they say.
So many fell. How is that so?
Someday, maybe, but not today
Someone one will count and we will know.

Tomorrow? Some will be gone
And some layers will remain.
It’s so alike our human song
That we so oft sing in vain.

The lesson in the storm
And all of nature’s art:
instruct and so inform
We are her counterpart.

Watch her in the spring
When buds peek with life.
See the tadpoles ring
Wiggleing with strife.

And know, you are,
Alive and well,
A human star.
A citadel.

Free to choose
Free to be
Win or lose
Don’t you see.

We each
With love
must “Am”
Our own


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