Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The "Bowl"

As a long-standing New York Giants fan, I watched he Super bowl with avid Patriots fans. We are not much different as fans, but our rooting is different and that difference is in observable actions.

Boston fans jump up and invoke the Almighty with a few curse words. Giant fans start with the curse words and maybe get around to the either praising the Almighty if it’s a touch down or cursing the said Diety if it’s a home-team fumble.

Patriot fans are wine and beer drinkers. Giant fans drink about anything.

Since the giants didn’t make the “Bowl” this year. I’ll wait for another time, but
Some limerick thoughts on the Super bowl LI.

With pride the fans come to the bowl,
thinking their team will control
the ball on the ground
in the air all around
to the other, the bell will toll.

The bowl is the ultimate game,
Teams getting their fortune and fame.
Bowl fifty and one
With scrimmage now done
Will next year the teams be the same?

The Falcons came in for the fight
With the Pats of Boston of might.
The temperatures fine
Inside at this time
As Brady and Ryan excite

But now with hindsight and woes
and healing of damaging blows.
No media hype
An occasional snipe
The Falcons, no bragging to show.

In this life of struggle and fears,
In this time of terror and tears.
We need a big game,
To help us stay sane
And Boston gave us the cheers.

The season is over and done.
The Patriots cheering who won.
The game is the thing
By hoping to bring,

A time of competitive fun.

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