Thursday, February 9, 2017

If I could...

If I could change things in Washington. If I could change things in the Senate and House of Representatives. Here’s what I would propose. I would suggest the country amend the terms of congress and the Presidency.  Term limits  would eliminate the cost of continuous campaigns, do away with the seniority system, prevent politicians from making a career out of government, encourage true public service and lessen the need for government pork to insure reelection.

House of Representatives: One four-year term.

Senate: One seven-year term.

Presidency: One eight-year term.

I would also do away with the Electoral College. It is archaic and its usefulness is suspect. In its place we have the technology to develop a secure electronic national voting system that can also be compartmentalized and used for local and state elections. All candidates would be elected by popular vote.

I would also encourage the development of a third party. There are too often issues that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to address or even embrace as part of their platform. A third party would give voice to those issues and the changing mores of our society.

For all those elected and entrusted with our collective futures I would expect fairness, courtesy, transparency, and honesty, do the best that you can and then go home.

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