Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where I stand

I so wanted to watch a believable movie like Avatar or King Kong last night, but I got locked into all the political antics and foul or foolish rhetoric of this election campaign. You are right; I don't like the actions or ethics or values of Donald Trump; he does not fit within my definition of what a President of the United States should be.

I also don’t like his or Hillary’s lies. I don’t like any distortions or spins that disperse or diffuse credible accusations or excuse accountability.

To me, it’s not so much that Trump’s base likes him and will condone any of his social infractions. It’s that they dislike Clinton more and will ignore, mitigate and disbelieve Trump’s prurient assignations because the current Washington establishment is inimical to their future.

If it weren't Donald, it would be someone else. The Washington-based political elite has created Trump and his minions and their collective disregard for the party establishment; this will change the political arena for the foreseeable decades.

I agree, the political establishment in both parties needs to be changed, but not by throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Trump has embraced the political detritus to carry his message. These are not astute, learned, ethical and visionary men and women; they are the myopic outcasts of singular visions that choose to divide rather than include.

If you are disgusted with the path of this campaign, then I am with you. To run and hide and not vote by those in any party to avoid discomfort would be wrong. To not vote would be disastrous to our Republic. Stay with it, no matter whom you are for, and let the majority decide. It is the American way and the right way.


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