Monday, October 31, 2016

The Scene and Sounds of Fall

Fall color is fleeting. I took my morning walk and not only listened to the fall but observed its waning color. In my area, it’s just past peak. The late October winds and coming November chills have moved most leaves from tree to ground. The obstinate Oaks still hold many of their leaves. The maples, birches, and elms have given up their ghosts.

My listening to the encroaching fall is a transport to change. The stepping crunch on fallen leaves moves me to the memory of childhood piles of playful leaps, and the shuffled sound of crunching leaves reminds me of old and playful falls of the past.

My walk today was trumpeted by the honking sounds of northern geese leaving in formation heading south. It is a haunting call; perhaps even a clarion call of “come on, winter’s coming, leave now.”

I like walking and listening. It takes my mind off the political. I think I’ll walk a lot more in the next several days.

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