Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Zen of non-attachment

I have been silent of late on the current political campaign in general and on the skullduggery employed by both sides in their overt attempt to subvert the electorate to their side.

I have noted and pointed out the flaws and attributes of each candidate. I have criticized the electoral system “we the people” currently embrace. It is flawed, and we can fix it, but only with compromise and courtesy from both sides. Frankly, I don’t see that happening in what’s left of my lifetime.

I wish that all those who choose to vote in this election would first read the Constitution of the United States. All of it. The Preamble, The Bill of Rights, and all the articles contained therein.

The Constitution does not say that we should like the person for whom we vote. It does not say the candidates should speak the truth. It does not guarantee that a job phased out by competition or technology will be restored. It does not say you should be taken care of or that you are entitled to assistance, other than what all citizens are guaranteed by being a citizen.

It does say that there are rules and laws; tempered in the truth of history, that must be observed. It does say that there are covenants and common-sense that prevent a demigod, should he or she be elected, from fulfilling unrealistic promises at the expense of the republic. The Document is filled with checks and balances to ensure there will be no infringement on the separation of powers. As long as “we the people” hold the document as sacred, we will protect the survival of the United States of America and our individual pursuits of happiness.

It also states that you have the freedom, the liberty to pursue what you value in life and in your endeavors your means will create your end. You own your successes and your failures. You have the responsibility to care for yourself and the family you create. You also have the responsibility to contribute, via reasonable taxes to the whole of society for the order and operation of a shared government.

I keep trying the Zen of non-attachment, but it's not working.

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