Thursday, March 3, 2016


I’ve taken an old poem I wrote a few years ago and put it into script form to offer an alternative way to think about life in America today.

“Between the spirits, cryptic flow are special skills in folio. They may be reflections of our collective gifts gleaned from our many cosmic drifts of lives or incarnations.

Among the consciences of life are pleasures and seeming strife, but these gifts are ours to manifest through all of life’s experiences. We can see the light or the dark where fear resides.

Perhaps we think we are not qualified to think this way or to even embrace and deploy our gifts, but they are ours to share if we choose, and all gifts have the ability to be of service to humankind.

When it seems so dark that we cannot see a hiding distant light, there is one way to turn on that light switch. It is a choice. A profound personal choice is available to any and all.

Change your mind, you change your life. To change your life, just change you mind.”

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